Full of Grace and Truth: April 2012
... in Greek) to Sts. Raphael, Nicholas and Irene celebrated on Bright Tuesday, see: http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Pen/p13b.#8203;uni.htm.
Euchologion Orthodox Greek Manuscript
Schaefe, L., ed. Greek Liturgical Texts of the Orthodox Church (in Greek) http://analogion.gr/glt/
Full of Grace and Truth: July 2011
... Apolytikion, are amateur translations from the full service to the Saint in Greek here: http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Jul/14b.#8203;uni.htm)
As we enter the period of the Triodion on both calendars here are links to this liturgical book in English, Greek and Slavonic. A ...
Full of Grace and Truth: May 2011
... translations from the Greek) available here: http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/May/05c.#8203;uni.htm. Idiomelon of the Litia in the First Tone
Full of Grace and Truth: August 2011
(amateur translations from the Greek service here: http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Aug/27b.#8203;uni.htm, except as indicated above)
Full of Grace and Truth: February 2012
The Holy Nine Martyrs of Kola (http://www.synaxarion.gr/gr/sid/2218/sxsaintinfo.#8203;aspx)
υμνοι ΤΟΥ ορθρου ΤΩΝ θεοφανειων_μερος πρωτο - YouTube
... Δεσποτικής Εορτής των Θεοφανείων (Φώτων). Μπορείτε να βρείτε τους Ύμνους στο διαδίκτυο εδώ: http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Jan/06....#8203;
Full of Grace and Truth: January 2012
(http://voutsinasilias.blogspot.#8203;com/2010/02/1_18.html, http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Feb/01.#8203;uni.htm)
Full of Grace and Truth: September 2012
... Simeon to repentance, and his receiving the blessing of St. John of Kronstadt (http://kelliakalives.pblogs.gr/files/f/385562-#8203;04.jpg)
Full of Grace and Truth: November 2008
... take away my members", he says. On the twenty-seventh, the Persian was torn to pieces. (http://analogion.gr/glt/texts/Nov/27.#8203;uni.htm)
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